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  • cookiesBeautyThe world's largest selection of gourmet
    Italian pizzelle cookies with over 65 flavors. Our specialty gourmet sweet treats are both petite in size and have a unique soft, flaky texture. Our pizzelle cookies are elegantly packaged allowing you to customize for any occasion.

    We are committed to your 100% satisfaction! We guarantee freshness from the moment we ship your order to the moment that you bite into one of our delectable cookies!

    Let us help your company stand above the rest by offering our taste-tantalizing treats.

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Serving Suggestions

Pizzelle cookies are a versatile sweet treat. Sure...they're perfect by themselves but if you want to impress people and show your creativity, here are just a few ideas we'd like to share!

  • Start with two pizzelles of your choice of flavor. Top one cookie with your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt and finish by topping with the remaining pizzelle. Now that's a "one-of-a-kind" ice cream sandwich!!!

  • Using three, four, five or however many suits your fancy, layer the pizzelles on top of each other using a whipped cream topping, icing or mousse between each layer of cookie. Add berries along side to garnish. What a beautiful Napoleon!

  • Crush pizzelles into tiny pieces and sprinkle over ice cream and other desserts!

  • Pulverize pizzelles into fine crumbs to use as a "crumb crust" for your favorite pie or bar cookie recipe!

  • Break a pizzelle in half and stick on top of any dessert for that extra special garnish to make a dazzling presentation!

  • Use gourmet pizzelle cookies as a layer in your best trifle dessert recipe!

  • Use our "Jalepeno" flavored pizzelle as a wonderful appetizer. Take one Jalepeno pizzelle and spread with a cream cheese mixture or gourmet cheese spread. We recommend a Jarlsberg spread! This is sure to tantalize your guests and keep them coming back for more!

Keep checking back periodically for more dessert ideas from Just Pizzelles™ Italian Gourmet Treats!




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